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01-01-70 | Customized Silicon Nitride Si3N4 posté par Nageur Inconnu
Silicon nitride powder of gray color is widely applied in steel-smelting, refractory,abrasion rubber,plastic,ceramic and high temperature sealing industries.
1.Excellent properties of corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, heat shock resistance and abrasion resistance
2.Good anti-division property and stable chemical composition.
3.Low thermal expansion coefficient,high thermal conductivity and strength.
4.Good oxidation resistance at high temperature.
Wide Applications
As a new material of modern industry,silicon nitride powder is widely applied as follows:
Non-ferrous metallurgy: Protective coating &film due to its excellent properties of anti-corrosion and non-infiltration Iron & Steel Smelting:
A:In steel industry, silicon nitride coating can efficiently solve the oxidation loss of billet during heat-treatment process.
B:For furnace body or electric furnace,silicon nitride tapping hole clay can seal the hole of blast furnace well and be easily cut.
C:As additive of nitrogen during production of alloy steel,especially for producing HRB 400 rebar.
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